About Wicked Flame

As I sat in my office missing the life and balance part of work and suffering from another debilitating migraine, daydreams of perpetual bliss filled my head. 

I was no longer happy in my career and completely overwhelmed with constant headaches. On a journey to heal thy self, I began exploring natural remedies to heal the body. 

With a nose sharper than a Bloodhound, aromatherapy became my favorite pastime. Mixing complex blends of oils and herbs to create calming aromas to soothe my aches and pains was the goal. 

With sensitive skin, it was important for me to use organic, kosher, and vegan materials as I experimented. This was costly but worth every penny in order to perfect the formula found in Wicked Flame pure soy candles and organic bath & body products. 

It wasn’t long before the candles, oils, scrubs, and soaks began to help alleviate my headaches, improve my mood, and even help me sleep. This intrigued me and drove me to further research and develop the proprietary blends that make up all of the handmade products you’ll find at Wicked Flame.pure soy candles

Better SOY Candles

For the holidays I’d give soy candles and other aromatherapy based products to friends and family as gifts. I even gave my colleagues a few candles before quitting. As demand grew for more soy candles and products throughout the year, Wicked Flame was born. 

While Wicked Flame has grown, I still personally make each and every product by hand. There’s quality and love in every product, right down to the packaging. A product is tried and tested before reaching you to ensure a blissful experience. 

Starting out as an online candle store in 2007, Wicked Flame expanded to add retail stores in Rahway and Woodbridge, New Jersey. Our candles are also found in retail stores and boutiques nationwide though our wholesale partnerships. 

Shop with confidence knowing your product was handmade with only the best natural ingredients and lots of love. 


SOY Candle Benefits

  • soy candles are made with vegetable wax from the oil of soybeans
  • soybeans are completely natural and a renewable resource
  • soy candles burns clean and slow, giving you endless hours of enjoyment
  • burned correctly (trim your wicks), soy candles produce virtually no soot
  • our soy is home grown in the Midwest (Michigan girl here), supporting American farmers
  • soy candles are eco-friendly, sustainable, and carbon neutral
  • try our candles today! 

Our Promise

    Wicked Flame Soy Candles are natural and biodegradable. Manufactured to exceed FDA standards. Certified Kosher. There’s no junk in our trunk. Contains only pure soy wax. That means no filters, no palm wax, no beeswax, no paraffin, no petro, no toxic ingredients, and no GMOS period.